The Hidden Costs of Teenagers: Printer Inks

As your kids get older, their schoolwork becomes more electronic than manual. While your school may have provided you with a forest's worth of study materials on paper and expected you to hand write your homework and projects, your child is more likely to receive electronic copies of paperwork and to do their homework on a computer. Once you hit this stage, you experience one of the hidden costs of having a teenager—printer ink. [Read More]

Innovative Ways to Make the Most of Your Cardboard Containers

Most manufacturers ship their materials in cardboard containers, and most of these containers are very dull with nothing more than their company name on the front and not much else. While you may not think of cardboard container design as an opportunity for marketing and advertising, consider how many people see them in the course of one delivery. There are probably dozens of persons who handle those boxes while they're en route, and others who may see the boxes once they've made their way to your customer. [Read More]

3 Ways to Make Your Trade Show Experience a Success

So much of business success hinges on standing out from the competition and finding your point of difference. If your product doesn't have this, it will fall flat on its face, but it's not only your product that needs to stand out from the crowd. Anybody showcasing a product to potential buyers, investors and partners will need to showcase their product at trade shows. These can be intimidating events, particularly for a first timer, because your booth sits side by side with all of your competitors, and to stand a chance of making a good impression and leaving people interested in your product, you need to make your booth stand out. [Read More]

Important Questions to Ask About Online Business Printing

Many businesses today use online printing services in order to design and then also print out their business cards, marketing materials, and the like. This can actually be more affordable and cost-effective than trying to do different types of prints in-house and can also mean a wide range of choices for the paper you'll use for cards and prints. When you're ready to explore online business printing for your company, note a few questions to ask and consider. [Read More]